EquinePURE is not like the cheap pellet bedding products that are made from inferior raw materials like recycled wood products or pallets that take ages to expand, stay cold and damp, pack down hard and need at least 15 bags of to fill a single box.

There is only one EquinePURE and it creates a fluffy, soft and dry bedding like nothing else on the market today.


We know how much you care about your horses. Because we are horse people and we love our horses too. Their health, comfort and well-being are so important to us, from their feed to their feet. We ask a lot from our horses and they deserve the best for what they give us. We are located up in the Snowy Mountains - the high country of NSW, at a high altitude that gets harsh. We need a bedding product that is warm and insulating, doesn't stay damp and freeze in winter or heat up and get sticky in summer.

Sawdust bedding has never been good enough. It stays damp, it's sticky and hard. It doesn't insulate and it stays cold and freezes in winter. It smells nice when fresh, but it's so hard to muck out because of the damp it holds; it's heavy and ammoniates. And it is awful stuff to dispose of because it kills everything it sits on and seems to never break down. Useless to use in day yards because every time it rains it floats up and bogs down. So we bury it or pile it up on some faraway part of the farm where it still stinks and becomes home to nasty insects making nests inside it.

We tried bagged shavings but they are best used for pet rabbits. It doesn't last long and is weak and slippery underfoot for horses. Not very insulating either. We tried other bedding pellets but they were just pelleted raw sawdust or repackaged heating pellets so they had the same issues as sawdust.

So we developed something better, specifically for horses. It became EquinePure Pellets. We have tested it on foals, weanlings, yearlings, mature and aged horses. Injured horses, too. And it performs superbly in all situations. Now we are proud to offer our 100% Australian made, environmentally responsible bedding to you.

What are Pine Horse Bedding Pellets?

Put simply, pine pellets are compressed pine wood from pine plantations and timber mills. But which parts of the tree make up the sawdust?

The sawdust you buy for your stables contain all parts of the tree - the trunk and branches including the resin-rich outermost bark and dust, all mixed together. If you get the bottom of the pile it may also include dirt clods and damp. This is the same raw material used to make pellets for heater pellets.

Horse bedding pellets and pellet heater pellets are often the very same pellet, re-badged (and re-priced) for multiple markets, eventhough the end use for each is very different and therefore demands a different manufacturing process.

EquinePure Pellets are made only from the dust-free, bark-free, heart of pine, not from any other parts of the tree.

Here is a comparison of our pellet on the right and another brand, after being left to expand for 15 minutes and shaken. The bowl on the left shows more and larger particles sticking to it. The darker colour is due to a higher sticky resin content. EquinePure looks denser, softer and drier because it is. If you throw our bedding up in the air, it falls right back down and does not hang. That is because of the higher density of our expanded/hydrated bedding.

EquinePure Comparison

How are EquinePure Pellets made?

All wood pellets are made using basically the same method. Raw material is placed into one end of a big machine and after a series of processes, compressed pellets come out the other end. These pellets expand when water is added. The quality of the pellets depends very much on the quality of the raw material used.

Our custom-built, unique pellet-making system uses a specifically tailored method to process the raw heart of pine we use for our horse bedding pellets. This process ensure the raw pine retains much of its integrity right through to the end and dust is filtered out twice. When the pellets rehydrate and expand into horse bedding, it performs flawlessly.

Because there is no bark or other parts of the pine tree in the raw material, the end result is a softer, brighter, cleaner and more absorbent bedding for your horse that dries thoroughly and lasts longer.

To learn about more the benefits of EquinePure Pellets over sawdust, visit our Why Use EquinePure Pellets? information page.


EquinePure Pellets

EquinePure Pellets are free of chemicals, pesticides, contaminents and recycled material of any kind. Free of stones, dirt, metal and insects. No oils, fragrances, herbs or any other substance present that may cause a positive swab.

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EquinePure Pellets are a 100% Australian owned and operated product and brand new on the market. It has been launched after a long and extensive manufacturing and field-testing process under different Australian conditions and with different types of horses of all ages. We are proud of our pellets and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the absolute best in pine stable bedding.